Visit a Dentist in Greenville, SC for Children’s Dental Emergencies

The common dental emergencies that children experience include toothache, broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, fractured jaws, objects stuck in between teeth; and lip, cheek, and tongue injuries. There are certain actions that must be immediately taken after any of these happens and before taking the child to a dentist.

For a toothache, the area must be cleaned with warm water, then a cold compress must be applied. Next, for a tooth that has been knocked out, it’s important to try to find the tooth, rinse it, and gently hold it in its socket while heading to the dentist. It is possible to re-implant the tooth depending on the damage.


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William Swinderman graduated from Ohio State University and created his family dental practice, Mirror Lake Family Dentistry located in Greenville, SC.

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