Greenville, SC Pediatric Dentistry: Teach Children Good Dental Habits

According to a recent report from Medscape, tooth decay among children remains a staggering problem. The Centers for Disease Control reported that roughly 58 percent of teenagers had one or more cavities in their adult teeth.


Greenville, SC Pediatric Dentists Guide Kids to Proper Dental Care

To ease the fear, you must inquire with a dental office staffed with pediatric dentists in Greenville, SC, such as Mirror Lake Family Dentistry, to ensure that the child will be properly be taken care of during the check-up. Pediatric dentists are trained with proper child care in dentistry, which involves teaching the children of basic oral care in a way they would understand. It is best to have the first visit when a child turns one or when they get their first tooth not only so that a proper dental care habit may be formed early, but also so that trust and confidence between the child and the dentist may be built over time.

Pediatric dentistry offers treatments or procedures dedicated to a child’s oral health care. With additional years of training on top of general dentistry, a pediatric dentist in Greenville, SC has sufficient knowledge in caring for a child’s mouth, teeth and gums until adolescence or at times, even before adulthood.