Cosmetic Dentist in Greenville, SC Offers Teeth Whitening Procedures

At your local dentist office, teeth whitening can be done to help remove stains and discoloration when it can no longer be done by simply brushing it. There are two types of whitening procedures: non-vital and vital whitening. Non-vital whitening is done when the stains are coming from inside the teeth. A whitening agent is placed inside the tooth, and then a temporary filling over that, and left for a few days. On the other hand, vital whitening makes use of a whitening gel which is activated by a special light or laser that enables the bleaching.

Whitening is not a one-time deal and must be repeated every now and then to maintain the color of the teeth. Practitioners of cosmetic dentistry in Greenville, SC, such as Mirror Lake Family Dentistry, also offer a variety of other dental procedures to make sure that the mouth and teeth are in good condition.


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William Swinderman graduated from Ohio State University and created his family dental practice, Mirror Lake Family Dentistry located in Greenville, SC.

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